How to measure yourself?


  • To take perfect body measurements, you’ll be needing a non-stretchable cloth measuring tape.
  • Do make sure that you are wearing a nice fitted t-shirt without any additional layers over it.
  • Stand up straight and relaxed. Don’t tuck in your tummy or push out.

Shoulder Measurement

Place the tape on top of the shoulders. Measure from the edge of the left shoulder across the back of the neck continuing to the edge of the right shoulder.

Sleeves Measurement

Place the tape measure at the edge of your shoulder and guide it down your arm finishing at the wrist of your desired length.

Chest Measurement

Measure the circumference by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of the chest. For an accurate measurement make sure that the tape is leveled all the way around.

Waist Measurement

Measure the circumference around your natural waist. Natural waistline is the smallest area of the waist and is usually an inch or two above the belly button. 

Height Measurement

Measure your length from head to the base of your foot. Make sure you are standing straight. 

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